Mission Clean & Lean was launched in 2012 by international presenter Jo Parry and clean eating devotee Fern Whittaker who together create unique fitness and nutrition programmes. 

By following daily food plans and 10 minute workouts members cleanse their bodies of toxins, kick start their metabolism and burn body fat.

The programmes are run completely online using social media and members are placed in a unique supportive group environment which is key to keeping them focused and motivated. 

The MCL brand has since grown to include recipe books, retreats, merchandise, meal delivery and consulting. 

The programmes are fast attracting new clients worldwide to fit their busy lifestyles. Results are stunning: each and every person following a Mission Clean & Lean detox has shed pounds and dropped inches, regardless of age or starting weight. And because this really does work, they continue to make positive changes to their lifestyle. 

7lbs in 7 days - absolutely amazed! MCL is such a great concept, the amount of money I’ve wasted on fad diets is ridiculous, this really does work. Now I’m listening to my body and feeding it what it needs and loving it! So much more energy and determination to continue.
— Laura Wilkinson, UK
Amazing - well done! You are right, this really does work, and it keeps working!
— Liz Moon, Australia
I feel like I have made a significant change and am serious about working this way of being into my lifestyle. Thanks everyone for the encouragement and support, I couldn’t have done it without you.
— Amanda White, UK